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BaseCoat High-Performance Polymer-Modified Cement Adhesive




50 Pound Bag

BaseCoat is a high-performance, polymer-modified cement adhesive and base coat manufactured with high-grade aggregates, cement, and polymers.

BaseCoat is designed for use as an adhesive or base coat in the ACCENT Class PB. BaseCoat may also be used as a leveling coat over approved substrates.

BaseCoat is packaged in its natural gray or white color.

BaseCoat is packaged in moisture resistive, 50lb. (22.7 Kg.) bags.

1. Store bags in a cool, dry location.
2. Store away from direct contact with the ground and/or concrete
3. Store out of direct sunlight.
4. Protect bags from weather and other damage.

The coverage of BaseCoat is approximately 80ft2 to 90ft2 (7.4m2 to 8.4m2). Coverage may vary due to ambient temperature, surface temperature, surface porosity, and/or application methods.

BaseCoat may be applied to the following substrates:
1. Paper-faced gypsum sheathing
2. Fiber mat-faced gypsum sheathing
3. Cement backer board
4. Masonry
5. Poured-in-place and/or Tilt-up concrete
6. Expanded Polystyrene Insulation Board

All surfaces to receive application must be clean and free of debris, dirt and dust, efflorescence, grease, oils, curing agents, and cleaning solutions. Ensure that all surfaces are smooth and free of any irregularities. Repair all cracks with the appropriate patching material for the existing substrate. Cleaning and smoothing may be accomplished by pressure washing, mechanical sanding, scraping, chipping, and/or sand blasting. Smooth or glossy surfaces must be roughened to ensure a proper bond.

1. Add 1.5 gallons (5.7L) of clean, potable water to a clean 5 gallon pail.
2. Slowly add one bag of BaseCoat to the water while continuously mixing with a Jiffy-type mixer.
3. Mix thoroughly for a minimum of 3 to 5 minutes.
4. Stop mixing and allow the material to take its initial set.
5. Re-temper the material adding only enough water to reach the desired consistency.

For Use As An Adhesive
1. Apply the BaseCoat to the back of the EPS Insulation Board with an approved notched trowel.
2. Apply the BaseCoat side of the insulation board to the substrate.
3. Ensure that the entire piece of insulation board has been firmly attached to the substrate.
4. Allow the BaseCoat to set for a minimum of 24 hours prior to working on the insulation board.
For Use As A Base Coat
1. Apply BaseCoat to the substrate a minimum of 1/16" (3.2mm) thick.
2. Completely embed Reinforcing Mesh into this coat.
3. Trowel smooth, ensuring that no Reinforcing Mesh is visible.

For Use As A Leveling Coat
1. Apply the material to the area needed to be leveled.
2. Application method will vary due to job conditions.

NOTE: Protect applied product from inclement weather until fully cured or finish is applied.

Product should fully cure in 7 to 28 days following application. Curing time may vary due to ambient temperature, surface temperature surface porosity, application methods, and/or thickness of material. All freshly applied material must be protected by an approved protective system from inclement weather for a minimum or 24 hours at 70ºF (21ºC) and 55% R.H. Approved protective systems shall be equal to the Sail System?. It is the responsibility of the applicator to determine if the product is cured and/or dry prior to exposing it to rain, snow, dew, and/or any other inclement weather condition that may be detrimental to the product.

DO NOT apply product when the ambient and surface temperature is below 40ºF/4ºC or above 100ºF/34ºC. The ambient and surface temperature must stay consistently within this range until fully cured (see also CURING). Material that is allowed to freeze may suffer irreparable damage. Protect all work from inclement weather with an approved protective system until fully cured. Approved protective systems shall be equal to the Sail System?.
DO NOT add any other materials to the mixture of the product without written approval from Rydar, Inc."
DO NOT deviate in the mixing or application procedures contained in this, or any other ACCENT Data Sheets, without written approval from Rydar, Inc.
DO NOT apply BaseCoat if there are contaminates on the receiving surface. Contaminates may include, but are not limited to, dust, debris, efflorescence, and/or oils."
DO NOT add any more water than prescribed.
DO NOT use a Jiffy-type mixer that exceeds 500 RPM.
DO NOT saturate the wall with water during preparation.
DO NOT leave BaseCoat in its applied state.
DO NOT apply stucco to the BaseCoat without the use of an acrylic bonding agent. The addition of 1 pint of ACCENT Admix 300 per sack of stucco is recommended.

Cleaning may be accomplished with water immediately after use.

"CAUTION: May cause eye, skin or lung injury. Contains free silica. Prolonged exposure to dust may cause delayed lung disease (silicosis). Eliminate exposure to dust. Use NIOSH approved mask for silica dust. Contains Portland cement. If any cement of cement mixture gets into eye, flush immediately and repeatedly with water, and consult a physician promptly. Freshly mixed cement, mortar, concrete or grout may cause skin injury. Avoid contact with skin where possible and wash exposed areas promptly with water.


Material Data Safety Sheet Available Upon Request

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